Shiatsu therapy promotes activation of the sympathetic nervous system (beyond your conscious control)

and the natural immune response.

Discover shiatsu. Unlock better quality of life and discover better you.

Remember: YOU determine which therapies YOU want to incorporate into YOUR treatment plan.

Shiatsu treatment is a form of a complementary therapy. Ask your doctor for a referral or simply file the invoice to your insurance (the amount of compensation varies depending on the package you have).


(explaining the mechanism WHY shiatsu works and validating shiatsu as a legitimate practice to be used as a complementary medicine)

Recent ASCO guideline mentioning shiatsu (acupressure) for the cancer related pain management:

Shiatsu for chronic lower back pain: Randomized controlled study

Shiatsu as adjuvant therapy for depression in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: A pilot study

Touching cancer: Shiatsu as a complementary treatment to support cancer patients

The evidence for Shiatsu: a systematic review of Shiatsu and acupressure

Shiatsu Q&A, concepts and treatment protocols:


Pain (lower back pain, headaches, muscle or joints ache), Insomnia, Nausea are the main complaints Shiatsu is proven to be working well with.

There is an ongoing research showing promising results where Shiatsu is helping to unlock old traumatic experiences for the follow up or working in parallel with with psychotherapists.

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